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Thomas Mayfield

Polyglot programmer who loves the weird beautiful chaos of humans building software together. Fitness nerd. Southern kid living in Massachusetts.


The Elements Of Computing Systems: Teaching First-Grade Math To Virtual Sand

The Elements of Computing Systems: Putting The Blinking Lights Back In Computer Science

Clojure, vim, and tmux: using your editor as a repl scratchpad

Generating Randomized Color Palettes (That Aren’t Clown Vomit)

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2017 Year End Notes


2016 Year End Notes

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Defusing Distracting Defaults: An Experiment In Automating Better Habits

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Customizing The Clojure REPL

How Slack Could Respect Your Time And Attention (Better)


2015 Year End Notes

Setting Up Evil-Mode Friendly Ctags in Emacs

Extracting Testable Javascript From jQuery Soup

Composable Components: Comparing Angular and React

Lyeberry: a new search backend for Literate Minuteman

Emacs and Evil-mode: Field Notes

Make your Rails background jobs as small as possible


2014 Year End Notes

Relaunching Literate Minuteman

Fixing conflicting Vim plugins with NeoBundle


Postgres connection errors after upgrading Ruby

Print-friendly bookmarklet for programs on


Introducing Literate Minuteman

Notes on Haskell: Seven Languages In Seven Weeks

Notes on Clojure: Seven Languages In Seven Weeks

Notes on Erlang: Seven Languages In Seven Weeks

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Backbone Views and the Law of Demeter

Compiling Javascript templates with Guard


Converting JPEGs to multipage PDFs with ImageMagick