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Polyglot programmer who loves the weird beautiful chaos of humans building software together. Fitness nerd. Southern kid living in Massachusetts.

Interlude - Furball

First, I’d like to introduce Ripley, one of the reasons my attention is a little scarce at the moment:


A nine-week old puppy is a joyous thing, and will happily hoover up every spare second you have.

Focused time for learning and study will resume probably around the time this little furball starts sleeping through the night without pee breaks. But even before we adopted her, it was pretty clear at this point that my goal of hitting a once-a-week writeup on things I’m learning isn’t going to happen. I do think striving for that cadence has still proven a push in the right direction. I’m going to continue tacking towards that goal even if the year-end average is probably going to come out lower than I hoped.

A few reflections from the last few weeks:

I’ve been leaning on Habitica as a way to help myself build daily habits and get through my todo list. It’s been working surprisingly—I’d even say embarrassingly—well. Progression systems and magic pixels, man. The part of me that fed a good chunk of my 20s into World of Warcraft is rolling its eyes in not-surprise.

Prior to doggo adoption, I’d gotten a pretty good streak of spending 20 minutes a day working on whatever my current project is… but found myself having a hard of time actually sitting down and writing about it. I think part of the friction here is how this blog is structured. Aside from a couple about-me pages, it’s a collection of articles. Trying to push my intended log-of-learning writing into this format has wound up making me feel like each entry needs to have a focused point and something to teach others. What I want out of this writing, instead, is just a nudge towards spending time deliberately learning and a bit of the clarity that comes from having to structure my thoughts to write them down. So, I’m going to try splitting this blog into two sections: a collection of articles/essays (which is most of the existing stuff) and a looser stream of thoughts and updates. Should be an interesting experiment to see if it helps shake loose writing more frequently.