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Thomas Mayfield

Polyglot programmer who loves the weird beautiful chaos of humans building software together. Currently spending most of my time in Ruby and Javascript, while dabbling in Clojure and Elixir.

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  • literate minuteman (github) : Site to check what books are available at your local Boston library from your Goodreads to-read list.

  • lyeberry : Exposing Boston-area library books as RESTful resources.

  • motion-juxtapose : Screenshot-driven assertions for testing Rails and RubyMotion applications.

  • betamax : Proxy server for recording HTTP interactions and replaying them during tests. Inspired by Ruby’s VCR.

  • ring-raygun : Ring middleware to send uncaught exceptions to Raygun.

  • node-fakeweb : HTTP request interception for test mocking in node.js. Unmaintained, but maybe of historical interest.